GCSEC offers the opportunity to develop researches on cyber security field. The research will be conducted by international teams of experts, thanks to the collaboration with other centers, academies and institutions. The research will be concentrated in several areas of cyber security.
Some samples of areas are authentication, cryptography; computer forensics and intrusion detection; reliability of computer and network applications; privacy and confidentiality; network security architecture; security administration and analysis; emerging threats; vulnerability assessments; remote access and wireless security; enhancement of law enforcement ability to detect, investigate, and prosecute cyber-crimes.


Information sharing and public-private partnerships: Perspectives and Proposals

The Global Cyber Security Center supported UNICRI in developing the study "Information sharing and public-private partnerships: Perspectives and proposals".

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DNS Security and Stability

The Measuring Naming System (MeNSa) project DNS security and stability have a direct and strong impact on the performance and dependability of nearly all aspects of interactions on the Internet, including Web applications, SOA based systems, Cloud...

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Online Fraud Cyber Centre and Experts Network (OF2CEN)

On-line frauds had a tremendous increase in the last few years. Modern on-line frauds (possible through an illegal use of internet) are the result of complex and sophisticated criminal activities that leverage technical vulnerabilities,...

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