Cybersecurity Trends Magazine

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The Global Cyber ​​Security Center Foundation have launched the Italian version of the Cybersecurity Trends magazine, which aims to develop and promote the culture and awareness on cyber security in Italy.

Cybersecurity Trends intends, in fact, respond to the growing needs of the Italian organizations to be up to date on information security issues, new technologies and data protection aspects. The magazine explains the various technological, organizational and legal aspects of cyber security and includes interviews with key players in the international scenario.

With a quarterly basis, the magazine is published in Italian language under the auspices of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU / UN-Geneva) and will include in each issue’s the preface of Dr. Marco Obiso, cybersecurity coordinator ITU World.
Cybersecurity Trends is targeted to Institutions, Law Enforcement, Public Administration, Large Enterprises, SMEs, academia and research organizations and industry professionals.

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