22 September 2016

DENSEK – Distributed ENergy SEcurity Knowledge

DENSEK is a European project funded by the DG Home Affairs and is part of the CIPS program focusing on “prevention, preparedness and consequence management of terrorism and other security related risks”.

DENSEK aims to improve the security and resilience of smart energy grids against cyber threats. Our energy grids are rapidly becoming smart through the implementation of software and IT components in the grid. Examples of such components are sensors, SCADA systems and smart meters. The consequence of this are more connections between the energy grid and the Internet resulting in vulnerability for cybercrime. Protection of our grids against these threats is not moving as quickly as required. DENSEK’s goals are to improve the sense of urgency amongst the target group and to improve the resilience of the whole European energy infrastructure against cyber threats.

The DENSEK approach is:

1   To join forces at a European level, against cyber threats. Cybercrime has an international character and does not stop at the country borders. This also applies to the impact of cybercrime. That is why a European approach is required.

2  To combine as many stakeholders as possible within the energy supply chain, from energy producers to the end consumers, in their efforts to resist cyber threats. This joint effort provides possibilities to better organize the protection of our grids and to lift the resilience to a higher level.



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22 September 2016