16 June 2020

Impact of cyber risk on the financial market


Risk management is essential in the activity of financial institutions as in companies in general.

BCE, in its report published at the beginning of 2019, includes among the most important risk factors the revaluation of risk in the financial markets, the context characterized by low interest rates, the reaction of banks to regulations

What happens in the financial market when a company is a victim of a serious cyberattack? To answer this question, the GCSEC foundation has undertaken a study aimed at understanding the effects of cyber attacks on the value of a company.

The analysis is based on the “Event Study” methodology and takes into consideration historical data of cases actually occurred and published.

The time window taken into consideration ranges from 10 days before the publication of the event by the company to two days post publication. The type of attack analysed varies from data exfiltration to data encryption.

The results of the study are available upon registration in the “Publications” area.

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16 June 2020