22 September 2016

Information sharing and public-private partnerships: Perspectives and Proposals

The Global Cyber Security Center supported UNICRI in developing the study “Information sharing and public-private partnerships: Perspectives and proposals”. The purpose of this study aims to explore the issue of information sharing and the formation of public-private partnerships as they pertain to the sphere of cyber security. Unfortunately, a variety of obstacles exist when attempting to forge public-private partnerships to secure cyberspace. The following obstacles are analyzed in Chapter 1 of this assessment: (a) different mandates and legal capacities (b) privacy rights and security clearances and (c) the dissolution of inter-systemic trust. In turn, the later portion of the chapter offers a series of solutions and practices to overcome these obstacles. Chapter 2 examines the legislative frameworks available for facilitating information sharing and tackling cyber security issues. These frameworks range from the UN and regional organizations, such as the EU and the Council of Europe, to the national level of policy making for individual states. Good practices are the focus of Chapter 3, as the report takes into consideration the work of 19 initiatives distributed across the globe and analyzes how they contribute to information sharing. Specific case studies regarding the work of the European Electronic Crime Task Force (EECTF) and the Online Fraud Cyber Centre and Experts Network (OF2CEN) are analyzed in detail.In the final chapter, we offer a series of recommendations for promoting information sharing and enhancing security in cyberspace. These include:

  • the need for legislators to factor in the importance of trust and mutual assurance between the public and private sectors when considering the formulation of any information sharing legislation;
  • the need for increased awareness of the existence and function of cyber security exchange mechanisms;
  • and finally, the need for a clear understanding of what term Cyber Security means and how each private and public institution can position itself within a secure network of information.

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22 September 2016