7 June 2016


Global Cyber Security Center Foundation of Poste Italiane and Lutech collaborate to strengthen Italian response capability in case of cyber attack for many years. This collaboration brings to a workshop in Rome June 15, 2016.

Three years of collaboration join Global Cyber ​​Security Center and Lutech S.p.A. to disseminate knowledge and share information on computer security issues, attacks, incident response and critical infrastructures.

This collaboration brings to the workshop this year in Rome on June 15, 2016, on “Cyber ​​Attack: esperienze operative per la resilienza del business.” In this context, will be discussed the main phases of crisis management in case of cyber attack through the experience of large Italian corporate reality, with the aim to gain insights and improvements, making the most resilient companies.

The event is part of a program of workshops and training sessions dedicated to specific cyber security issues, that Global Cyber ​​Security Center Foundation organizes annually involving also Lutech. It is one of the most important market trends analysed on a national and international level as a result of the great Digital Transformation when each company looks carefully.

The workshop, by invitation only, will give the opportunity to all participants to hear and discuss the issues in question. It will be a moment for exchange ideas, experience and knowledge of representatives of SOC, Threat Analysis Team, Business Continuity and Crisis Management Unit. The issues of cyber security, will also be examined by the legal and insurance point of view.

The topic is very timely. Critical infrastructures, the Public Administrations and Institutions have to face increasing cyber threats that could compromise the survival and prosperity of the organization. Today being resilient means being able to anticipate events, to be prepared to address them and to adapt to changing conditions of a dynamic evolving scenario. The resilience that companies and managers will put in place will increasingly influence also competitiveness of the organization itself.

The GCSEC and Lutech collaboration represents a perfect combination. The Foundation promotes and disseminates knowledge and awareness on Cyber Security between the different stakeholders involved in the use and protection of Internet. Lutech, thanks to the decennial experience of its Business Platform Cyber Security, supports organizations in achieving business resilience by adopting an approach based on four main pillars – optimize, investigate, respond, anticipating – and with specific focus on Cyber risks related to the human factor and continuous technological change (eg .: Internet of Things).

Workshop “Attacco cyber: esperienze operative per la resilienza del business” – Roma, 15 giugno 2016


09.00    Registrazione invitati

09.30    “Saluti di benvenuto” – Nicola Sotira, Direttore Generale GCSEC e Francesco Faenzi, Head of Cybersecurity Business Platform, Lutech

10.00    “Monitoraggio e indicatori di compromissione” – Davide Del Vecchio, Responsabile Security Operations Center, Fastweb SpA

10.30    “Analisi della minaccia: metodologie e indicatori utili” –  Francesco Faenzi, Head of Cybersecurity Business Platform, Lutech

11.00    Coffee break

11.30    “Il ruolo del SOC in caso di attivazione di Piani di Business Continuity” – Domenico Raguseo, Europe Technical Sales & Solution Manager, IBM

12.00    “Unità di Crisi: quali sono le regole di ingaggio e le attività” – Michele Fabbri, Cyber Security Operations Manager, ENI

12:30    “Attacchi informatici – gestione dell’evento e preservazione dello scenario per le attività investigative” – Ivano Gabrielli, Responsabile CNAIPIC, Polizia Postale e delle Comunicazioni

13.00    Light Lunch

14.00    “L’impegno di IBM Security: Cloud, Collaboration e Cognitive” – Ivano Mantovani, Software Group Security Systems Brand Leader, IBM

14.20    “Il supporto legale durante la crisi” – Andrea Reghelin, Associate Partner, P4I – Partners4Innovation

14.50    “Trasferimento assicurativo del rischio Cyber e metodologia di valutazione degli impatti” – Alessio Falomo, Marsh Risk Consulting – Alessandro Vitullo, Financial & Professional Risks (FINPRO), Marsh S.p.A

15.20    Chiusura lavori

15.40    Cocktail di chiusura

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7 June 2016