How to join

The strategy of GCSEC is based on a Megacommunity model, in other words on a public/private partnership that collect national and international stakeholders (governments, academies, private companies, associations and standardization bodies).

The Global Cyber Security Center is open to individuals and organizations, eager to improve their knowledge and awareness on cyber security. Most of the initiatives will be free and accessible to everybody.

The organizations have several options to be involved:

  • Members – the founders contribute to GCSEC through an annual fee (in cash or in kind) in order to support Center’s activities
  • Partners – the partners will sign a memorandum of understanding to cooperate with GCSEC for educational and training activities, research and international cooperation to strengthen cyber security worldwide. Cooperation model could be built, for example, to implement courses, workshops, conferences and seminars. They also can contribute through a minimum
  • Community of Practice – the community of practice will be formed by people who engage in a process of collective learning in a shared domain of human endeavor. The community of practice aims to solve common issues, to share information, to seek previous experiences, to discuss topics, to create synergy on cyber security aspects.

For further informations about partnerships and memberships, please contact

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