1 December 2011

Master on Cyber Security – 2011

According to a study released by Frost & Sullivan, in Europe, Middle East and Africa there will be a need of 1,15 million Cyber Security Experts by 2015. Despite the strong demand, the education programs specific on Cyber Security are still very limited in most countries.

The Global Cyber Security Center Foundation (GCSEC) recognizes the importance of higher education on Cyber Security and will deliver a Master on Cyber Security starting from January 2012.

The cost is € 16.000 and 12 scholarships will be available. Applications will be closed on 1 December, 2011 to allow the evaluation of scholarship requests and a registration in time for the start of the master. Applications received after the deadline, will be considered on the basis of available seats. The scholarships will be assigned within 15 December.

If you want to apply, complete the application form available below and return it to

The program aims to target Managers, Executives and Government officials who want to improve their knowledge and skills on Cyber Security through an internationally recognized Master.

The Master is delivered in partnership with Royal Holloway University of London and is based on their famous program built by the historical Information Security Group. At the end of the Master, students will get a legally valid II Level Master Degree issued by GCSEC and Royal Holloway University of London.
The program spans a wide range of topics, from Technical Security to Information Security Governance, from Cyber Crime to Cryptography.

The Master has been specifically designed for working Managers and Executives: the program consists of six one-week modules, delivered in two years for a total of 240 hours of lessons.
Students can follow the entire program in Rome, in the new headquarter of GCSEC Foundation, or up to two modules at the Royal Holloway campus in Egham (Surrey – United Kingdom). Here you can find the courses’ detailed program.

At the end of the Master program, students will develop a thesis based on a project, that can be hosted by GCSEC Members or Master Sponsors.

Participants are expected to find employment in both industry and commerce as Security Managers/Executives: the need for such experts is likely to be very high for the foreseeable future.

Each class will have a minimum number of 20 students. The Master will be delivered in English.

The students will be selected on the basis of their academic and professional curriculum and their knowledge of English.

The Global Cyber Security Center is looking for scholarships; companies and institutions that are interested can contact GCSEC. If you are interested, go to the Scholarship section.

Courses’ calendar

– Legal and Regulatory aspects of e-commerce:
20-24 February, 2012; Exam: 25 May, 2012
– Introduction to Cryptography & Security Mechanism:
12-16 March, 2012; Exam: 24 May, 2012
– Computer Crime:
23-27 April, 2012; Exam: 28 May, 2012

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1 December 2011