26 July 2017



The University of Calabria, in collaboration with the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria, Poste Italiane and GCSEC, has set up for 2017-2018 two II-level Master’s Degrees on Cyber Security dedicated respectively to Information Security, focused on information security governance issues, and Ethical Hacking, more operational and aimed at acquiring skills on key cyber-attack techniques. For each Master will be provided 868 hours of which 368 of classroom /laboratory training and 500 hours of training on the job. Lessons will be delivered on Friday afternoon (2pm to 8pm) and Saturday morning (8am to 2pm) to allow those who work to attend classes. The frequency is compulsory, participants must attend at least 80% of the duration. The Master’s will be held at Cyber Security District of Poste Italiane in Cosenza and at laboratories of the University of Calabria in Rende.

Professional profile

The Master intends to create professional figures able to:

Learn and use attack techniques and the same tools used by hackers and the main cyber threat intelligence tools;
Test the network and systems with the same methods and techniques used by hackers to test for vulnerabilities and security flaws;
Identify the best security measures to be implemented to prevent, intercept and quickly attack cyber-attacks.

The Master aims to train experts able to identify, prevent and counter the main types of cyber attack that can be perpetrated at the expense of public and private organizations. Students will learn to use attack techniques in a responsible manner and analyze security aspects from the hacker’s point of view in order to increase the level of protection and security of organizations. They will experience, in specially designed virtual environments, techniques of attacking infrastructures, authentication systems, mobile devices, and hardware.


Graduates in science, IT experts, public / private organizations who intend to develop or expand ethical hacking skills.

Educational activities:

training program is structured in 9 Didactic Modules:

Module 1: Introduction to Ethical Hacking, Planning and Reporting

Module 2: Information gathering

Module 3: Infrastructure Attacks

Module 4: Web Attacks

Module 5: Mobile Attacks

Module 6: Connecting to Authentication Systems

Module 7: Attack to hardware

Module 8: Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering

Module 9: Training on the job

Training on the job

Training / internships will take place at highly qualified contracted organizations in the field.


Candidates will participate in a selection based on qualifications, a written test to evaluate each student’s computer skills through a challenge to capture the flag on different scenarios, and an oral test. Only the top 20 will be admitted to the Master.

Candidates interested in participating in the Master’s Course should complete and submit the application form that will be publish in the first week of September at the following link:

Participation fee

The registration fee is € 2.000,00.


3 Master listeners can attend the course. The registration fee is € 1.000,00.

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26 July 2017