24 June 2020

Network Access Control next-gen

As part of CERT STAR a Casa Program, GCSEC organizes the webinar Network Access Control next-gen on 16 July 11:00 – 12:30, in collaboration with Fortinet.

Network access control has always been a strong need in all organizations and it is much more than a decade that we talk about that. Unfortunately, the solutions on the market have never been able to meet the essential requirements: simplicity, reliability, automation. This need has increased over the years, and the events related to the Covid-19 have even more accelerated this process; to the preexisting needs has been added needs to implement prevention and protection logics also for tele/smart-workers.
In this session and in the LAB demo we will see how FortiNAC meets the follow three requirements:

• Simplicity – agentless and non-destructive approach; no changes to switch port configurations, 802.1x optional.
• Reliability – the minimum impact on configurations ensures continuity of service, the NAC acts only when it observes anomalies.
• Automation – onboarding and automatic authentication of clients in SSO or via web portal. The visibility, guaranteed by the interaction of FortiNAC with the surrounding security solutions allows you to quickly identify infected/dangerous clients by isolating them.

Thanks to the numerous possibilities of integration within the Fortinet Security Fabric and with third-party resources (SIEM, Endpoint protection, Vulnerability Analysis, etc) FortiNAC allows to have a complete visibility and classification of all devices connected to the network. By integrating into the network infrastructure, you can easily manage network access with authentication controls, typological and postural analysis, isolating a client when the security ecosystem identifies a threat. Last aspect, fundamental for the Italian Public Administrations, FortiNAC allows a rapid verification of the regulatory aspects in particular to be compliant with the minimum security requirements defined by AGID.

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24 June 2020