Advanced Persistent Threats: real cases

"Advanced Persistent Threats: real cases" is an event organized by European Electronic Crime Task Force (EECTF) which will be held in Rome on November 22th 2016 in viale Europa 175 from 09am to 14pm.

The EECTF, created in 2009 by Poste Italiane, the United States Secret Service, and the Polizia Postale e delle Comunicazioni, is an ever- expanding network of public institutions, law enforcement agencies, research facilities, and private-sector companies, which aims to build an alliance to share strategic and operational information on electronic crimes, develop subject matter experts, and foster an environment of enhanced cooperation in Europe.

The EECTF holds regular Expert Group meetings of Permanent Members, who gather to analyze emerging trends in cyber-crime and discuss methodologies and techniques to combat them.

The event will focus on one of the most sophisticated forms of attack on organizations network, the "Advanced Persistent Threats" - APT - with the study of real cases. The APTs are real strategies of multilevel and multi-channel attack, unleashed on organization networks in different ways and on many fronts. The overall goal of this meeting is to share helpful views on real cases, foster collaboration, promote new forms of communication and enhance mutual trust and awareness among all stakeholders within the European cyber-crime community.

The Agenda will be available in the next days.