E-CRIME Project Final Conference

Global Cyber Security Center Fondation will partecipate at the E-CRIME final Conference that will be held on Friday 24th March 2017 at The National Gallery (Conference Room 1), Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DN, United Kingdom.

This one-day conference marks the end of the E-CRIME project and represents the culmination of three years of collaborative research. During the conference we will present the output and tools that have been developed by the research consortium over the course of the project, incorporating and leveraging the knowledge and insights into economic cybercrime we have developed within our research activities.

This final conference is specifically focussed on presenting our audience of stakeholders with the sector specific knowledge, methods, recommendations and tools for managing cybercrime risk, that they can take away and implement within their own sectors and organisations. The conference will be entirely focused on providing our audience with practical, exploitable knowledge and products, that will include: an Awareness Training Programme for cyber security teams, and a Framework for conducting cost/benefit analyses on future security products to determine the efficacy of adoption.

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