Master Study program in Cyber Security

Nicola Sotira the General Manager of the Global Cyber Security Center Foundation has participated as a speaker at the seminar "Master Study program in Cyber Security", on November 30, 2016 at the University Donja Gorica in Montenegro.

The lesson "Hardware Security" stressed the importance of the hardware platforms on which are running encryption processes, algorithms and key management as key components in a security architecture guaranteeing the same resilience of the other system components. The distribution of security features at hardware-level offers a series of advantages respect to software security solutions. Acting at hardware level, it is possible not only get higher levels of security, but also achieve significant performance improvements of cryptographic primitives. In practice, applying the standard and the encryption algorithms at the state of art, the obtained system doesn't ensure always high safety standards. Bad hardware choices can compromise the security of the entire architecture. There are a lots of physical layer attacks that can expose vulnerabilities to compromise the entire infrastructure.

Objective of the master is to provide the tools and knowledge to understand the hardware features to ensure the execution of secure processes and software.