Nicola Sotira – Director-General

Information Security Officer in Poste Italiane in Tutela delle Informazioni Division, unit with the responsibility of Cyber Security and CERT. It works in the field of information security and network for more than twenty years experience gained in international environments. In the security area he was involved in encryption design and network security, also working in complex infrastructure like mobile and 3G networks. He has collaborated with several magazines in the computer industry as a journalist contributing to the dissemination of issues related to security and legal technical aspects. Teaching Security, since 2005, at the Master in Network Security of the Sapienza University.

Member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) since 2004 and promoter of technological innovation, collaborates with several start-ups in Italy and abroad. Member of Startup Italy in 2014 where, with some companies participated in the development and design of services in the mobile sector; collaborates with Oracle Security Council since 2014. General Director of the Global Cyber Security Foundation GCSEC from 2016.

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